This one’s for Joe

So, the fake news has declared Slow Joe the winner.  Deplorables are being urged, under threat of McCarthyist lists to come forth and be healed.  Slow Joe wants us to pretend he and his don’t hate us.  The millions of times I’ve been called racist, mysoginist, bearer of white privelege don’t matter, it was just rhetorical.

Right, how many payments do I have left on that bridge in Brooklyn?

You used the power of the federal govt against us, called us names and denigrated us angrily in your senile gatherings of a dozen people.  Your sycophants call for us to be identified so we can be taught the lesson of our ways.

Eat shit and die.  This song sums up my relationship with the federal government.  Take it for what you will. (proven dangerous for penguin ears)