In Memory of Dick Gregory, my personal “Old Rivers”, 1962

From 1962, word-pictures not uncommon anywhere in the South. Don’t believe everything you read in modern history books, and nothing you hear from the Media.

In Memory of Dick Gregory, who was my Old Rivers in 1963, and who died yesterday at age 84. Like Steve Bannon today, he was a star in Rev Martin Luther King’s crown, and remembered here in my tribute to liberal hypocrisy, Bob Beckel and a kid named Lester Motley, who used to sleep over from time to time.

If you don’t have anything better to do, listen, read a little, then pause and reflect.

We Are All Domestic Terrorists Now

Cliven Bundy was nothing more than a cheap date for Sean Hannity to ramp up his viewership, and now Hannity and all the others have bowed to the PC gods who are calling the shots from inside The Beltway.