Fire the NFL, the whole damned lot of them

Now that I have been enticed, even encouraged to turn my attention away from the playing field and to events on the sidelines, taking a knee for the Anthem or disrespecting the Flag, all I want for Christmas is to see the entire front office of the NFL shown the door. The whole damned lot of them, but especially Roger Goodell.

Is NFL Management Pulling a Skillings and Fastow act of Piracy?

With news that the NFL will not accede to fans’ demands about National Anthem, I’m beginning to think this may just be an ordinary act of piracy, much like how Skillings and Fastow cleaned out Enron. Fans continue to walk, CBS-Fox losing advertising dollars, and cannot wait 8 years to renegotiate. Expect nothing to be there when new management moves it.

NFL has Become like Date Rape

Don’t look for NFL’s fall from favor, 19% unfavorable to 47% unfavotable”, to reverse itself quickly. The “disgusting part of public disgust is so disgusting”, that once they find a suitable substitute for NFL, the thought of going back for a second try will be abhorrent…a lot like a rape victim who dreads starting dating again….especially since the rapist remains free, and defiant

The NFL and Right and Wrong

The NFL corporate clique part of the new generation where Right-Wrong no longer part of any equation. Only legal, illegal and not getting caught. They are now busted. Laisser les bons temps rouller!