Democrat Party

Paul Ryan’s Exit is a Bad Thing for Big Money Republicans

But is it bad news for the original GOP brand? Remember, Donald Trump was elected for pennies on the dollar for what Democrats spent to lose.  Message over Money.

Several reasons will be put forth as to why Ryan’s quitting: Better pay, less stress with firms on K-Street? A general retreat of the Karl Rove-type money racket, signaling a future political world where money may well play a lesser role? One can dream.

Neither of these suggest that genuine “Love America First” Republicans will be trounced this fall, whether incumbents or new kids on the block. All it signals is that voters may insist on a ‘say-what-you-mean and mean-what-you-say” candidate, which was a winning calculus in 2016. In the meantime, Democrats still have no message.

And if there is wholesale cheating afoot, to narrow that gap, we intend to be out in front this time. Just check the Dead Rosebush-uaries” from time to time.


Chris Matthews and his Democrat Party of Hate

James Hodgkinson shot Re. Steve Scalise, but it’s the vile verbiage by Democrats against the GOP, conservatives, Donald Trump, etc. which seeded the source of constant hate. Democrats have blood on their hands.