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The Second Amendment vs the Divine Right of Kings; “Go to Gulag”

For the entirety of the Obama years, and once again, now during this Biden Interregnum, the call for stricter gun ... Read More

A 30-Day Track Ahead of the Fear Mongers

There's a gentleman on Twitter named Mike Anderson @mikeandersonsr, who's a 60-something executive manager. He's begun posting on Twitter every ... Read More

Has the Wuhan Flu Given the World a Competition Between Statism and Democratic Solutions?

Long before Communism, the Chinese had been considered "inscrutable". Popular fiction of the late 19th-early 20th Century had portrayed them ... Read More

Coronavirus and Common Sense

(NOTE: This is not a factual accusation, as there is no public proof that it is even so. There is ... Read More

Did Politics Overrule Medicine or Did Medicine Overrule Politics with Wuhan Flu?

Without compelling evidence, such as a whistleblower or document or communication, can we say with any certainty that Politics has ... Read More

The Organization’s War on American Institutions

The news show I would most like to see, the one I would postpone all other forms of recreation to ... Read More

Hungary’s New Border Wall

(from a friend, just an FYI about what works). Hungary's New 14 ft high razor wire electric double fence Hungary's ... Read More
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