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Top 50 Economies And Economic Freedom

The top 50 economies are a very diverse group. They are not the top 50 scores for economic freedom. They ... Read More

New Economic Freedom Report Show US In Decline

The Index of Economic Freedom is an annual guide published by The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation since ... Read More

Great Expectations Electing A Newcomer

You really don't know what you are getting when you elect a newcomer. The moneychangers at the GOPe temple can ... Read More

114th 2nd Session Begins Badly

Usually the 2nd session of any congress is mostly uneventful It occurs in an election year, and the leadership tries ... Read More

One year since first elected to Congress

One year ago the Republicans won a landslide election sending 12 new members to the U.S. Senate and sending 44 ... Read More

A Shrinking Band of Brothers

Recently we wrote about how the conservatives in the House are more than just 40 members. While this still holds ... Read More

Can The Congress Override Obama Veto?

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 was vetoed by the President on October 22, 2015. The bill ... Read More

House GOP Conservatives Are Not Just 40 Members

There are 247 GOP members in the U.S. House, and the liar media narrative is that just 40 of them ... Read More

About those Extremists in the U.S. House

The dirty laundry of the U.S. House, now on full display, is what piles up when elected officials place narrow ... Read More

Keeping Score On Race For GOP Nominee For President

Summer is over and it's time to start keeping score on the race to become the GOP nominee for President ... Read More

U.S. House Democrats with a (R) after their name

This is a follow up to a post about keeping score on all of the elected in the U.S. Senate ... Read More

New Zealand Hobbits and Successful Reformers

Hobbits is included in the title for a couple of reasons. One is that the movie location for the Lord ... Read More

Democrats with a (R) after their name

This is an update on keeping score on all of the elected in the U.S. Senate that have a (R) ... Read More

Keeping Score August Recess Update

The August recess is a good time to provide an update on the scores of our Republicans elected to seats ... Read More

He who pays the piper calls the tune

`He who pays the piper calls the tune' means that the person who provides the money for something decides what ... Read More

16 Candidates Condensed Into 5 Wings

This is a huge number of Republican candidates who have officially declared they are running for President in 2016. The ... Read More

Presidential Profiles by Conservative Review

It was two months ago that we reported on a new feature from Conservative Review, Conservative Review Presidential Profiles. At ... Read More

Fiscal Conditions of States

In new research for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Senior Research Fellow Eileen Norcross ranks each US state’s ... Read More

GOP Incumbents Who Earned Another Term In 2016 Senate Elections

Instead of looking at the horserace aspects of the 2016 Senate elections of Republican vs Democrat campaign war chests, polling, ... Read More

8 Republican Governors Want To Be Our Next President

There are currently 14 Republicans who have officially declared that they are running for President, and Gov. Scott Walker and ... Read More

Rush Is Right; GOP Should Not Write Off States

Rush provided a little piece of good news that never gets reported elsewhere. The following is a portion of the ... Read More

Conservative Review Compares Declared Candidates

This is a work in progress at Conservative Review, and it will be updated as more Republicans formally announce they ... Read More

Heritage Action Just Released Scores for the 114th

Heritage Action just released their scorecard for the 114th Congress. Unlike the Conservative Review Liberty Score that include key votes ... Read More

Saving the Character of the Senate Through Common Purpose

Vassar's latest post about the 2016 GOP candidates for President got me thinking about a "Common Purpose" among the GOP ... Read More