Relative Risk or Shut Up, Government, It’s My Life

I've never agreed with the shutdown of our economy. I've found the entire process to be Machiavellian, which is to say devious decisions were made to control the populace. I get Trump listening to the experts I will never understand his allowing them to get their government shutdown allowing blue states to feed their inner ... Read More

The Science Inside the Math of Science

Sometimes simple events can help one see things that seem complicated but aren't. Last night my door bell rang just before dark. Since my wife hung the "NO SOLICITORS" sign at the front door, no one has come to our front door for over a year (except for Amazon, who just ring the bell, then ... Read More

The Time to Fix This Is Now

The medical phase of this Wuhan Flu crisis ended a few days ago. By comparative criteria with other diseases that flashed through our country, it was never a pandemic. "From where the sun now stands" we already know that what will be going forward will be political and not medical. We know this because the ... Read More

Herd Immunity, Math, Science, Religion and Theory

Herd immunity (also called herd effect, community immunity, population immunity, or social immunity) is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through previous infections or vaccination, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune ... Read More

The Sneeze and The Rule

Here I go again. I said I wouldn't write anymore about this subject. But I can't help it. I know plenty of you sneeze. After all, it's the season right now. The early season. Pollen. My car is colored in a haze of yellow. Then ragweed and other roadside flowers come in late Summer. So ... Read More

Why is it Never Mentioned that Donald Trump’s Grandfather died of the Virus in 1918?

No really. One of my first stories on Donald Trump was in October, 2015, 13 months before he was elected. It was about his roots. I liked his grandfather, Frederick Drumpf, best, for he'd made his start-up money, first in Seattle, then in Alaska during the Gold Rush, providing hotels "with room service" for lonely ... Read More

Savo Sound, 1942, and Our Place on the Current Learning Curve

When you get your butt kicked all sorts of lessons from history come to mind. But when that butt-kicking is self-inflicted the analogies narrow The lessons most learned from the Republicans’ self-immolation in the failure of their Obamacare repeal (sic) in 2017, then hand-over of the House in 2018, are that our own history proves ... Read More

Short Note on the CDC and Modeling, Flu Seasons 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

From reports at the time:  Jun 20, 2019 · In total, the CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died. That’s fairly on par with a typical season, and well below the CDC’s 2017-2018 estimates of 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations and ... Read More

Social Distancing, “If I was any Closer to You, I’d be Behind You”

In Virginia it's not even been two weeks (3/23) since our governor shut down most of the businesses (restaurants, etc) and shut down our schools for the rest of the school year. Seems more like a year. And local media, radio and television, have us feeling we're under martial law. With some glee and excitement, ... Read More

Kissed By An Angel, Sgt. 1st Class John David Randolph Hilty, 44, Erbil, Iraq

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony according to the Department of Defense. Sgt. 1st Class John David Randolph Hilty, 44, from Bowie, Md., died in a non-combat related incident supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Rest in Peace, Sargent 1st Class Vaya con Dios Job well done. A ... Read More

What the English Are Feeling About “the Virus”

The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent virus threat and have therefore raised their threat level from "Miffed" to "Peeved". Soon though, that level may be elevated to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross." The English haven't been "a Bit Cross" since the Blitz of 1940, when tea supplies almost ran out ... Read More

The COVID-19 School Of Higher Learning

It's fair to say that change is not always pleasant or welcome in life, especially when it is forced upon us - in many cases - against our will. There can be no greater example of this than the current COVID-19 pandemic and the tidal wave of change being thrust upon the lives of, literally, ... Read More

The European Union and the US, Apples to Apples on Wuhan Virus

The EU has a total population of 513 million vs America's 327 million, so apples to apples, they should have 57% more coronavirus cases than the America. As of today (3/27) America has 83.5 K cases and the total EU has 276K cases. That's only 30% of the European total, but only in part accounted ... Read More

Charting the Politics of Coronavirus Clusters

First, we need to graph the Corona Virus Worldwide, without China, then narrow it down to individual states. That way you can see things the big numbers don't tell you. First, we get rid of the China numbers, by throwing it out of the equation. It's a mathematical anomaly. First, China's (self-reported) numbers are not ... Read More

COVID-19 & The Death Of A Furtive Way Of Life

[Author's note: This is Hermit humor and satire, plan accordingly.] It seems to me that the greatest things in life are the ones nobody else is doing. And as history instructs, with almost no exception, every attempt to improve on the original falls terribly and embarrassingly short of the mark. Personally, I believe the biggest ... Read More

Judging the “Expert Class” in Times of Crisis, the John Cleese Axiom

A few weeks ago I posted a short 3-minute clip of John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, as he introduced his 2020 comedy tour. I had planned to see him in Richmond this Fall, but expect it may be cancelled. Too bad because it would likely be relevant to what is going in America today ... Read More