Tribalism Writ Large; the American Tribe

Humanity started out tribal. All of us. This meeting below is between a white man named Cpt Nathan Brittles, about 800 years after his tribal beginnings, and a Cheyenne chief, still in the waning days of his, just after Custer's men were wiped out at Little Big Horn. It depicts two eras of tribalism run ... Read More

The Conscience of the Court

Modern Americans believe Roe v Wade (1973) was the worst Supreme Court decision ever rendered. I place it at #2, since Roger B Taney's majority opinion in the Dred Scott decision in 1857 was  far worse in my view. In that decision, the Court determined that Dred Scott (interesting fact situation) a slave to an ... Read More

What is to be Done?

INTRODUCTION The illness of Rush Limbaugh has given a lot of lovers of the Constitution a heightened sense of their own mortality, especially as it pertains to the struggle we find ourselves engaged in today. Only four months ago at least Rush’s generation (and my own) believed we might live to see this fight finished ... Read More

“Going After….” -A Commentary about Laws of War and Laws of Civil Society

Some fellow who apparently lost a city council race in Canada said after our Senate vote to acquit Donald Trump: "PSA: Everyone MUST go after every single senator who voted "Not Guilty". Go after EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES" A Canadian, mind you. A Canadian, mind you. For many years I have been advocating just ... Read More

Barry’s Boys

“Barry’s Boys” is not about Barack Obama. I was working on an introductory reminiscence on Rush Limbaugh for a piece on “dark alley” strategies that will appear in coming days, and wanted to link his work to how it all began when in the earliest days of the Vietnam War, when I was 18 and ... Read More

Its Time To Play The Game – Precinct Committee Challenge

Good friend of mine has been preaching the takeover of the GOP from the ground up for 12 years now. Dan Schultz leads the neighborhood Precinct Committeeman project and he first started preaching it online at Redstate in 2009. Dan took a lot of abuse at that den of grifters as a one trick pony ... Read More


Would it shock you that when the novel impeachment of Citizen Donald Trump begins in the Senate tomorrow that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or his delegate might come to the Senate, canceling his previous decision not to appear, and simply say: “I declare these proceedings to be lawless” i.e., “not based on law”, ... Read More

Should Trump Testify? —– No, It’s a Perjury Trap

Mark Steyn announced on Rush Thursday that the House Managers invited Donald Trump to testify sometime between the 8th and the 12th of February…under oath. Mark, who I like a lot,  said “Why not?” I disagree. Whatever strategy Donald Trump has to try to right the wrongs that was the 2020 election, and play his ... Read More

“Fake Woke” by Tom McDonald

I hate this music but the lyrics are soul-cleansing in you love America, and hate where it’s going. Tom MacDonald’s “Fake Woke” Reaches #1 On All-Genre US iTunes Sales Chart, Surpasses 1 Million YouTube Views (Update) ( ... Read More

When Fear and Paranoia Move Centerstage, Look for an Invisible Hand

And that hand isn't God's. It's the Manipulator's. Moving into the fall election season last year, we spent days here discussing the inner workings of this latest generation of spoiled Wunderkinder, and that the demons at least were real on their minds. They were not playing scheming tricks, like the 16-yr old trying to scam ... Read More

Impeachment Kabuki, Barricades and Empire

In Eastern Europe there was an interesting story about Caiaphas, the High Priest of the Sanhedrin, who urged Pilate to order the crucifixion of Jesus. Some churches that became Eastern Orthodox territory of eastern Europe (where I heard it...the Balkans) honored Caiaphas because it was he who (unwittingly) allowed Christ to be able to walk ... Read More

Will it be a Republic Anymore?; Thoughts at T-Minus 6 Hours and Counting

Donald Trump has worked in mysterious ways before, and has proved himself to be over the past five years a master at 3D chess in public affairs, keeping the Marxist Left in America, which in my lifetime was still a criminal involvement in America, the works of Lenin actually illegal to import, always a step ... Read More

No One Takes Anything From You That You Haven’t Let Them Keep

I coined this phrase many years ago, during a time in my life, on a personal level, that had brought me to my knees. These times in our national life, over the last 10 weeks, have similarly brought many of us to our collective knees. I'll not sugarcoat it, I'll just point out that our ... Read More

The Last American President

Donald J Trump was an amazing President if you love America. Trump wasn't slick, he wasn't poll tested and when he spoke of the American worker you knew he felt it in his bones. So many for decades sold We The People out for cheap products from China, Trump brought manufacturing back to the shores ... Read More

It’s Fear That Drives the Left’s Hate

Only two weeks ago I published, "The Genesis of Hate as a Religion in America" which was a synopsis of Ayn Rand's book of essays about what she called "the Age of Envy" as she understood them in 1970, or what I call its "first generation". We are now in the third and you can ... Read More

What Donald Trump Knows You Should Think About the Next 7 Days

I spent several days in Atlanta last week, visiting family and getting a lay of the land about how a possible resistance movement might shape up should things go from bad to worse. I've known a man there for years, from Stone Mountain, who I'll call Mark-from-WSB. He's a frequent call-in contributor to several radio ... Read More