From My CP: Come on Boys Let’s Let The Bad Times Roll

I saw snow last week.  It didn’t stick and it only lasted a few minutes but it was snow.  My nemesis.  I hate the cold with a white hot passion, unfortunately the white hot passion isn’t enough to over-ride the frigid discomfort that comes with the cold.  It makes it hard to understand the fear of global warmening, I could really use some global warmening October thru April.  As I’ve said before, winter here want’s to kill you and I’ve shared the story of my early pioneer progenitors.  North Dakota is only three hours away so here’s a song about winter in North Dakota, and southwestern Minnesota.  “I ain’t the kind who believes in ghosts but sometimes I get close, when the North Dakota winter moans…”

I’ve been busy, I traveled to Kansas for my sister’s wedding and had a great time.  Good folks in Kansas.  I got some strange looks and there was a definite halt in the conversation when I appeared at the bar to order a drink.  I’m used to that, folks here in fly-over country don’t see bodies covered with tattoos and stretched earlobes every day.  By the end of the night we were all best of friends, but it took a few trips to the bar.  Its so much easier to find good folks here in fly-over country.  It was easy in the South during my time in service too, but those folks are usually referred to as “white trash.”  Something about their honesty draws me to them.  Like Popeye said, “I am what I am and that’s all what I am.”  That’s enough for me.

After Kansas I drove to Colorado Springs to see my wife.  I’ll try to summarize a long story…  In 2013 Doris and I put everything we wanted to keep into the back of a Uhaul truck and drove to Minnesota.  I’d recommend an adventure like this to anyone, it was my wife and I and two dogs we loved dearly along with what we could fit into the truck.  Then we realized that Tricare Standard(the health insurance I’d slaved and sacrificed twenty years for) was next to useless.  It may as well have been medicaid, the free shit for everyone who has never contributed to society.  If the Dr said he wanted $500 Tricare Standard said they’d only pay $250.  I was on the losing side every time.  F*ck Tricare, F*ck the government, F*uck the politicians twice.  We were being drug down into poverty by medical bills. If we lived near a military base everything was free, the best insurance you could imagine, so my wife lives near Ft Carson and I’m kinda trapped here on the northern prairie of Minnesota.  We’re working on a plan to get me there and open another tattoo shop, I need to be an artist, I loved it the last time I was able to make a living from my art and plan on doing it again until I die.  Pierre August Renoir had his brushes tied to his hands when he was in his 80’s and suffering from arthritis.  He couldn’t mold clay or shape rock anymore but he taught his apprentices so well that historians cant tell the difference between his works and those his apprentices did for him.

If only Donald Trump had some apprentices in Congress.  Everything he can do by himself has been conservative and constitutional.  If he had any support in congress it would have been so much better and so much easier.  But we’re stuck with RINOs and progressives masquerading as Republicans.

Hillary travels around the world sniveling and whining about her election loss blaming everyone but her own untrustworthy ass.  She is married to a serial rapist, best friends with Harvey Weinstien and she claims Trump was creepy on stage?  As if she could feel creepy after living with her husband and their friends.  She’s a despicable c*nt and should be treated as such.

The darkness still holds my soul, come on boys, lets let the bad times roll…