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Judging the “Expert Class” in Times of Crisis, the John Cleese Axiom

A few weeks ago I posted a short 3-minute clip of John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, as he introduced his 2020 comedy tour. I had planned to see him Read More

A 30-Day Track Ahead of the Fear Mongers

There's a gentleman on Twitter named Mike Anderson @mikeandersonsr, who's a 60-something executive manager. He's begun posting on Twitter every morning, early, around 6, a running total of reported US Read More

Has the Wuhan Flu Given the World a Competition Between Statism and Democratic Solutions?

Long before Communism, the Chinese had been considered "inscrutable". Popular fiction of the late 19th-early 20th Century had portrayed them as possessing the most complex and cunning criminal minds, both Read More

Kissed by an Angel, SSG Marshall D Roberts (Air National Guard), 28 and Spec Juan Covarrubias, 27 (Army), IRAQ

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony          SSG Marshall D Roberts, 28, of Oswasco, OK and        Spec Juan Miguel Mendez Covarrubias, of Read More

Coronavirus and Common Sense

(NOTE: This is not a factual accusation, as there is no public proof that it is even so. There is only speculation, measured speculation, based on reasonable inferences and history. Read More

The Organization’s War on American Institutions

The news show I would most like to see, the one I would postpone all other forms of recreation to watch, but which can never be, would be if Tucker Read More

Hungary’s New Border Wall

(from a friend, just an FYI about what works). Hungary's New 14 ft high razor wire electric double fence Hungary's New Border Fence called a 'Spectacular Success'......" Skeptics who believe Read More

Why our Posse Can Run the Ridges and Chuck Schumer’s Can’t

If members in our posse did anything to his posse, or to Chuck himself what Charles Schumer loudly suggested that some of his posse do to two Supreme Court justices, our guys would Read More

Famous Un-Common People I Have Known; Jefe

His real name is Richard McMahon and he is still alive, but at age 92 has crossed over, as his last letter to me in 2018 spelled out (below). I replied, Read More

The Deep State, Where a Different Kind of Natural Law Applies

If you want a sense of "deep state history", read the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, in all six volumes, written by Edward Gibbon in Read More

A Bright New Star Shines In Heaven

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On June 30th, 2019, after a mercifully-brief and terribly unforgiving illness, Denise passed away in a hospital bed somewhere in Brooklyn New York. I don't know when she was born, Read More

The Beginning of the Quickening

What a time to be alive! Because we're stuck in the middle of it, and even in our small ways, all involved in it, it's difficult to step back and Read More

Natterings from the Notional National Swamp

Here's how it works in Congress. There are two rules; (1) the Prime Directive is Get Re-elected; (2) You must get re-elected, which takes a lot of money, and either Read More
Just Whose Side is Robert Mueller On?--Two Schools

Just Whose Side is Robert Mueller On?–Two Schools

If Vegas were to give odds, bookmakers would have to do a lot of homework on Special Investigator Robert Mueller and try to connect several dots in order to determine Read More

Donald Trump, the Media and the Historians

Some years ago an old friend, now passed, told me how his mother had been his religious mentor for most his life. There wasn’t a spiritual lesson that he had studied that had not been annotated by Read More

Article V and the Code of the West

"While men without honor were waiting to test                         the unwritten Code of the West" (Roger Miller) When two people sit down to discuss the Constitution one reality becomes clear Read More