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A Bright New Star Shines In Heaven

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On June 30th, 2019, after a mercifully-brief and terribly unforgiving illness, Denise passed away in a hospital bed somewhere in Brooklyn New York. I don't know when she was born, Read More

The Beginning of the Quickening

What a time to be alive! Because we're stuck in the middle of it, and even in our small ways, all involved in it, it's difficult to step back and Read More

Natterings from the Notional National Swamp

Here's how it works in Congress. There are two rules; (1) the Prime Directive is Get Re-elected; (2) You must get re-elected, which takes a lot of money, and either Read More
Just Whose Side is Robert Mueller On?--Two Schools

Just Whose Side is Robert Mueller On?–Two Schools

If Vegas were to give odds, bookmakers would have to do a lot of homework on Special Investigator Robert Mueller and try to connect several dots in order to determine Read More

Donald Trump, the Media and the Historians

Some years ago an old friend, now passed, told me how his mother had been his religious mentor for most his life. There wasn’t a spiritual lesson that he had studied that had not been annotated by Read More

Article V and the Code of the West

"While men without honor were waiting to test                         the unwritten Code of the West" (Roger Miller) When two people sit down to discuss the Constitution one reality becomes clear Read More
Class, Political Class, de class, and No Class, a Primer on the Democrat Left

Class, Political Class, de class, and No Class, a Primer on the Democrat Left

If you haven't noticed, our war with the Left has taken a turn for the better. So, in keeping with my general opinion that ideologies that are counter to our Read More
Chris Matthews and his Democrat Party of Hate

Chris Matthews and his Democrat Party of Hate

James Hodgkinson shot Re. Steve Scalise, but it's the vile verbiage by Democrats against the GOP, conservatives, Donald Trump, etc. which seeded the source of constant hate. Democrats have blood Read More

Did Donald Trump Just Get Lucky or Did he Mastermind a Masterful Stroke Against the Deep State?

Let’s go back to the beginning, when the very first revelations came out about Mike Flynn and the Russians - February, 2017, only two weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency. Flynn Read More

Kathy Griffin Just Proved that Evil Never Sleeps

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Some people have called the antipathy toward President Donald Trump,"Trump Derangement Syndrome." Trump Derangement syndrome is too mild and doesn't lend itself to the seriousness of the Left's pathology. By Read More

What Will this Next Civil War Look Like? Assumptions

The Culture War Trump-voting Americans are not a violent people, despite all those guns we have, despite that we know how to use them, especially from a distance, and especially Read More
People v People of the United States, the Media

People v People of the United States, the Media’s Grand Jury Case Against America

District attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that "by and large" they could get them to "indict a ham sandwich." -Sol Wachtler, Chief Judge of New York Read More

How the Left and Political Establishment Want to Steal the Momentum Away from President Trump

I recently published an article about the Richard DreyfussCivicsInitiative, which, as I wrote it, I realized the stalling game is probably the only one the Democrat-Left can play against the Trump presidency. For the Democrats Read More

Tucker Carlson Meets Richard Dreyfuss, The Urgency of the Baby Boomers

They shook hands. I confess I was surprised, but both men dispelled a general belief many hold about them as types. So I hope people came away edified. To see what Read More
Is the Kim Jong-Un Regime on the Verge of Collapse?

Is the Kim Jong-Un Regime on the Verge of Collapse?

Kim Jong-un is the third leader of North Korea, from the only family to lead that country since it was formed in 1948 as a Stalinist prototype; founded by his grandfather, Read More
The Democrats

The Democrats’ Dire Situation Analysis, 2017-2037

Donald Trump became president because large numbers of traditional Democrat voters unexpectedly came over to his side. Some of them voted for Mr Trump, while many others did not bother to vote for Read More
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