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When a political end trumps personal destruction of the innocent, we know we are among truly evil people, from  Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, to DiFi, to CNN and dozens more.

Cynical indifference to the infliction of pain and suffering on innocent people is the greatest sin…

…cold blooded murder not even a close second.

It’s not that there is still not a scintilla of evidence that supports the assault claim by Ms Christine Blasey-Ford, for that only points the finger of guilt at her. A single soul lost to burn. Happens every day.

But when men and women, feigning good faith, hiding behind the Office in the fortress of an institution seen by the People as the fountain of justice and honor, are willing, no, attempting, to destroy good men and their entire families for a shallow political end, or perhaps a mere spite and malice of a personal nature, they are betraying everything that is holy to this Republic.

They are traitors and my only regret is that we can’t already produce the scaffold to hang them.

The Shoulders We Stand On

The Shoulders We Stand On.

Nothing else need be said.

Our Answer to Nike.

Standing around telling lies

Last night’s debate between New York’s own fascist dictator Andrew Cuomo and his challenger Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame sounds so amazing …

Police with Toys

In Paraguay, thieves replace police armory with toys that resemble the real weapons. When seconds matter, the police have toy guns.

Burial at Sea, November 1944, Manila Bay

Burial at Sea, November 1944, Manila Bay

Words unnecessary.


The true overreach

Seems to me a circuit judge writing opinions that overrule the President’s powers to order and direct the Federal departments and agencies, all of which …