Politician-Republicans are besides themselves that Donald Trump has made common cause with the Enemy, even though they know it's because the RINO wing of their Party would never call them "the Enemy". Since this may mean the end of the party system as we have known it, re-alignments are being...
In 1993 Hillary Clinton's father died, and at age 46 HRC declared what everyone should have leaned by age 20, that "there are things larger than myself." WRONG. Now on her last (we hope) Not-My-Fault book tour, Hillary has proved there is still nothing in the world larger than...

Separated At Birth?

Were John Kasich, Jerry Brown and Rahm Emmanuel actually triplets who were separated at birth?

Paging ICE

Paging ICE: There's a great place to check the immigration status of illegal aliens!


So obvious it didn't need to be said.
"Let's call it Mork until it tell us what it wants to be called."

17 Times Denied by CNN

In a bid to beat a Christian (namely Thomas the Apostle) at something, CNN activists have denied seventeen times that they are good little progressive advocates of the Democrat Party, and only the Democrat Party.
Composed by Verdi in 1841, about the Hebrew slaves held by Nebuchkadnezzar, in the opera Nabucco, I have two versions with special meaning. one by the Greek chanteuse Nana Mouskouri, who recorded it in several languages but my favorite here in Spanish, and an especially poignant version here, sung by...