Yes, Virginia, Hitler really was a socialist. Here are 7 Quotes that Prove It! My favorite is, “Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings.”
If I recall correctly, it was Alexander Dumas who told a story in his histories of a Hun who visited Paris, learned of the excesses of the Borgias and announced his intention to visit Rome to see for himself. He visited Rome, converted to Christianity, and came back. His...
Property is not only a right, it is the primary difference between humans and animals. Animals make and use tools, at least some of them do. But they do not keep tools, make tools for others, create reusable designs for tools, and maintain ownership of the tools. Anything else...
In case there is any confusion over Joe Biden’s "you ain't black" being a uniquely offensive expression of a senile political animal, it is the mainstream racial identity belief of all Democrats.
The CDC reveals the truth after stoking our fears for three months now. Coronavirus (covid-19) does not spread easily by touching surfaces or objects. It is primarily spread through the air and skin-to-skin contact with other people, like every other coronavirus.
It's the Smoking Bat! Wuhan China level four biolab confesses it kept and still keeps three live strains of bat coronavirus on site.
Marcus Hutchins, the child-prodigy black-hat hacker who grew up, saved the Internet, saved thousands of lives, and was redeemed.
Genuises don't really rest. They simple move their thinking from one part of their brain to another. Bureaucrats can't do that, and politicians and journalism can't even understand it.