Wednesday, June 16, 2021

PC Activism

Governing Your Party as a Committeeman

Many conservatives here and elsewhere make reference to the "conservative base," usually in the context of some alleged misdeed of "the Establishment Republican leaders." If this conservative base exists, why is it not running the Republican Party? If this conservative base exists, why is it not winning the primary elections,...
Here's another edition of ColdWarriorTV explaining, in less than seven minutes, what you need to do where you live. We can do this.  Will we?  Will you? I hope this helps. Thank you. Cold Warrior The Precinct Project's Blog
We can get the Establishment GOP "out" when we get the Conservatives "in."
So, what does getting "involved in party politics" mean? It means becoming a voting member of the Republican Party. What does that mean?
Today we learn, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, that when conservatives unite and organize inside their local Republican Party they can actually change the outcome of a primary election by causing those who do not support our Party Platform (sometimes referred to as “Republicans In Name Only,”...
So, what can happen when conservatives figure out that the best way to organize and unite for real political action is . . . wait for it . . . inside a political party?
Will the “tea partiers” in Michigan’s Congressional District 3 follow the Precinct Committeeman Strategy and help Rep. Amash retain his seat?
When Was The Last Time They Attended Their “the Republican Party” Local Committee Meeting?