Thursday, June 17, 2021
Some say we must change our culture if we are to change the outcome of the elections. One way to change the culture is to change it where you live. Each of us lives in a voting precinct. Do you know any of the other Republicans in yours? Do you...
Let us choose wisely in this fateful hour.
You want to save the country? Help GOTV!
Here's an example of how an increase in voter turnout can be accomplished with a little bit of planning, organization and effort:
Consider the possibility that our "conservative" Republican congresscritters really don't care about the phone calls and faxes and e-mails. Consider the possibility they only care about one thing and one thing only: whether they'll win their next primary election.
Just typing away all day on the internet in chat rooms and blogs to the conservative echo chamber also probably, without more, is not going to get more people to vote for your candidates.
On November 8th, Issue 2 will be on the ballot in Ohio. Very simply, the decision Ohio voters will be making is as follows: A YES yote allows Governor Kasich's collective bargaining reform (SB 5) to go into effect A NO vote essentially returns collective bargaining power to the unions.