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The MSM is doing the opposition research for Obama, again.

Back To The 1950’s

When America was the shining star in the world.
Or should it be called Freedom Of Thought Day?
Don't you all feel safer knowing that a politician is making your decisions for you?
Just own up to your true feelings already. Star in your first children's book. Tell the little red hen that she in fact DIDN"T do all the work and make the loaf of bread. Spread the wealth.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat. The cycle continues, the agenda is pushed, the playbook doesn't change. When a shooting happens, blame it on the Right until proven otherwise.


The stampede has begun. Why are so many Democrats pulling out of the 2012 DNC convention?
Romney, using the private funds of Bain, kept a company afloat for an additional 10 years. Obama, using taxpayer funds, gives millions to 'green' companies, and they are out of business in two years... who is the vampire here?