Monday, June 14, 2021


Are you offended by that? At least I didn't tell people to die in a fire for disagreeing with me. How Christian of you to wish them death while bashing them for a lack of Christian grace, especially considering how many of your friends probably do disagree with you....

Happy Halloween Everyone

I just thought a temporary header change might be in order to remind our feckless politicians, that these few days before the midterm elections, they have big shoes to fill. Regards.
Low information voters + low information legislators = disaster for our country.
Time for Tough Love. Protect ourselves from the purveyors of hate, and starve them out.
The "inevitability bubble" has burst, so now let the people decide.

Perhaps They Need the Help

They could do a whole lot worse than Cain when it comes to turning around a business. Maybe they can hire Romney, instead after the elections are over.

Of Premises and Playbooks

What Google (and I) knows that the media, Obama, and the establishment GOP doesn't. The premise, of course, is Romney will win the nomination. He, after all, is the most electable one.
I'm referring to E.J. Dionne's latest hit piece in which he states: The tea party's followers have endangered the nation's credit rating and the GOP by pushing both House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor away from their own best instincts. Now, we all know, at...