Saturday, July 31, 2021


A father of eight, manager of a small business, concerned American.
While I respect PH's work and she is no doubt fighting the good fight, on this issue she is simply incorrect on many levels. First she is a strong advocate of nullification and interposition. I support both of these options in theory but the fact is neither have any practical...
There is no better day. If not now, it might be never.
Taking on the government's massive snooping of Americans' lives.
Sen. Rubio, don't pander to separate causes - fix the underlying tax issues all Americans face.

A Rogue Take On Iowa

What Iowa told us about the GOP primary candidates.

Structure Demands Behavior

The establishment, left or right, considers us (Tea Party supporters) to be naive.

Well! Give me peace in my day.

I am skeptical of the retreat from the fight. I hear a lot of arguments for sticking it out as long as possible, delaying the inevitable as long as can be, even if it brings greater evil later. That is “Vote Romney” in a nutshell. Perhaps that is not the...
I am working on something and looking for some opinions related to Article V of the US Constitution and the idea of an Article V Convention. We see Herman Cain’s 999 plan for example which might require an Amendment or if SCOTUS were to uphold ObamaCare an Amendment might be...