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Fool Me Once…

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
Don't get distracted; focus on the Republicans who have been working to restore America to her original conservative principles.
Reconsidering how delegates to the GOP convention are determined.
You can read the entire transcript of this debate for the first hour here, and for the last half hour here. The portions I've noted in this post are, in my opinion, the times when a candidate had an "UP" moment or a "Down" moment. I understand there may...
Here are the tables that detail the grades of the GOP leaders in the House and Senate.
If the Republicans win 10 less seats than they did in 2010, they will regain the majority in the Senate. That is not enough, we need a complete change of the Republican leadership in both Houses of Congress.
I can never trust one candidate or one election to fix everything. At the precinct committee level the work continues to measure, recruit, and develop future candidates who understand the value of demonstrating good manners.

The Apocalypse Caucus

A dozen US House members who are courageous and bold instead of timid and pastel like the leadership.