I am stone forged from the fires of creation into flesh.

To Keep and Bear Arms

Sneaky Back Door Move Hillary, you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering signing this piece of offal in the name of the United States of America. How dare you toss our National Sovereignty into the trash! I pray your dreams are nothing but nightmares of the worst order should...

A Musical Interlude

Never Been the Same She says it all and it's easy listening. Featured Image pic credit:

R.I.P. OC Register

A Death in the OC A group led by Boston-based investor Aaron Kushner announced Monday that it has bought the parent company of the Orange County Register and more than half a dozen smaller newspapers for an undisclosed sum. Kushner’s group, 2100 Trust LLC, expects to close its purchase of Freedom...

Mellow in Retirement

R. Lee Emrey is taking his retirement with quiet dignity. TriggertheVote Maybe this will get some of those unmotivated, nothing will change undecideds off their backsides. If that doesn't work, maybe 13 weeks in San Diego would help their ennui.
While the OWS critters have been frolicking about, spreading sunshine, happiness and unicorn farts in various parts of our nation, and also while Hookergate was taking place, seems fearless leader was busy yet again. To help keep the house warm Couple that one with this Executive Order -- National Defense Resources...

Time to Renovate

Hammer Got one of those emails today, and no it wasn't from Nigeria telling me I had millions in GOLD waiting for me or the one promising an increase in size of certain body parts or even my email account had been compromised. It was the email about a Tennessee football...

Oh dear, not again.

But, the dog did eat my homework. Honest! If this were anyone's child, after all the excuses, pulling wings off of flies, swinging cats in bags from trees, doing strange things to a sister's dolls, it would be an away-from-home STRICT military or parochial school for him. Some other "person(s)"...
Over the weekend we had this... Look, I'm a low paid government wonk. Can't we negotiate? And then today, this shows up... Anda onea, anda twoa, maybe a third somewhere too There is something inherently wrong with this administration when up until now, the Secret Service hasn't really had a whiff of scandal,...