Moos Room

My name is Mike Kane. I've been writing stories for years. Most are a release valve from the weirdness of everyday life. Some of these will find their way here, others will fade off into the ether. A select few will be sent via e-mail directly to friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers (you have been warned (assuming that you are 'completely strange')). I've been in Sales all of my adult life. Sometimes sales are good, sometimes sales are bad, but in reality, 'life' is always good (regardless of sales). Well, 'LIFE' is a lot better than the alternative, at least...

Just Keep Swimming…

Messaging of the campaigns and control by the media.

Burn Baby, Burn

"And if you re-elect ME, I'll do what I've been doing for the Past Four Years!"

Meet the New Boss

Joe "WatchDog" Biden . Oops, to clarify, JOE BIDEN is not the new boss.  You can resume breathing normally again.  Barack Obama remains firmly in control of the Nation, the Economy, and your Retirement Accounts.  On second thought, you might want to begin breathing in and out through a Brown Paper Bag...