Moos Room

My name is Mike Kane. I've been writing stories for years. Most are a release valve from the weirdness of everyday life. Some of these will find their way here, others will fade off into the ether. A select few will be sent via e-mail directly to friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers (you have been warned (assuming that you are 'completely strange')). I've been in Sales all of my adult life. Sometimes sales are good, sometimes sales are bad, but in reality, 'life' is always good (regardless of sales). Well, 'LIFE' is a lot better than the alternative, at least...

The Dump. ReVisited.

The 'Dump' "Excuse me Mr. Moos, but what are we doing here?  It's noisy, it smells bad, and I think I just saw a rat..." says the anxious boy wearing a black and white polo shirt.  His face is pleading as he asks the man in the light brown suit standing next to him on a hill...

Dribbling the Cat (Part II)

"Quit with the bouncing already..."  Wikipedia: The term "dead cat bounce" is derived from the idea that "even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height".    The President has lost his 'Dead Cat Bounce' following the DNC post-convention Love Fest.  For the next forty-nine days he'll "Dribble that Cat" to increase his chances of reelection. ...

Dribbling the Cat (Part I)

The president is fully engaged in "Dribbling the Cat" to increase his chances of reelection.


Jan Crawford CBS News   Photo Credit:  CBS   ANOTHER DEFINING MOMENT:    Collusion:  col·lu·sion   noun     kə-ˈlü-zhən Secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose The company was acting in collusion with manufacturers to inflate prices. There was collusion between the two companies to fix prices (or, perhaps, the outcome of a Presidential Race) Video...

Looking Back

I fear that time has dulled our collective memories of that day in September, 2001.
Welcome to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - where logic goes to die.

When Howard Met Jen

It's time to pick up a new book and put the 'Book of Obama' down without finishing it.

Labor’s Day

Today is the National Holiday Pres. Grover Cleveland set aside to celebrate the existence of Unionized American Workers, Labor Unions, and Political Cronies.