Thursday, July 29, 2021


I think about things, then I write about them.
If the best way to keep vulnerable children safe at school is to designate schools as gun-free zones, shouldn't the First Family live in a gun-free bubble?

Mourning in America

Rachel weeping for her children...
No one is more committed to logic and reason than the American Liberal, especially when it comes to the debate about gun control.
If, as liberal's insist, it's true that Tea Partiers are stupid, they have redefined "stupid" to mean "able to correctly answer basic questions about current events."
Bob, you're so close to the truth, here, but you're blinded by your anti-gun bias.
Bob Costas laments the fact that he broke his own rule about not commenting on nuanced topics unless there's enough time to "flesh them out." Sadly, given more time to discuss his thoughts on gun control, he is still wrong. “Here’s where I stand: I do not want to see...

Dear Bob Costas

A yammering sportscaster has little credibility to lecture America on their 2nd. Amendment rights.
The deliberate decision by the MSM to edit, bury, and outright lie about the facts, is beyond journalistic malpractice.