DC born, Appalachian raised. Independent conservative. Of the opinion that the world has lost its damn fool mind, but whatever-y'all have the right to fuck your shit up any way you want as long as you leave me be to fuck up mine. Problem is, Progressives picked a culture War and dragged me into it. Let's roll.
As a former RedState Contributing Editor, and having loved almost every second I held the post, I can honestly say that nothing would warm my heart more than to hear news that Rick Perry announced his intentions to seek the Republican nomination for President in 2012 at this year's...
I know what you're thinking: how the HELL can he use a title like that? Well, solely because the Tea Party has taken away all my sound arguments in defense of their position(s) and made me irrelevant, right alongside them. When he first said it, I disagreed with my old...
Paraphrased from UT Austin, in the matter of Dante's Hell: he fifth circle contains two related groups of sinners. But whereas avarice and prodigality are two distinct sins based on the same principle (an immoderate attitude toward material wealth), wrath and sullenness are basically two forms of a single sin:...
This fight is between the governing and the governed.
It occurs to me that he must be smoking some really good weed.
And yet she keeps smiling and flipping them all off at every opportune moment.
We're now expected to perceive this man as the prodigal son...are we not?
If you're looking for political correctness, do NOT read this article...move along.