Saturday, February 27, 2021


There's not much to say... I come from a long line of Appalachian folk that landed in America long before flipping off the King was even a twinkle in the eyes of our founding fathers. We have been Carpenters and coal miners... Soldiers & Sailors and pig farmers and Sunday morning circuit-riding preachers. Hell, I'm told we have even been fairly decent bootleggers too.
I'm reminded, as I write this, of a quote I first heard while listening to a Dan Bongino podcast that came from Quintus Ennius, an ancient Roman writer, and poet, that is worth memorizing in the days ahead:
"Give them what they asked for, good and hard."
Consider this a Conservative Crisis call to action.
Note: This was first published on Christmas Eve of 2009. The world is dramatically different now. This year, 2020, we are suffering through a pandemic, harsh and seemingly punitive lockdowns, school and business closures, and a subtle yet brewing social, civil, and cultural war. The message this essay...
"Can we rally enough hate of an opponent to win an election? "
The 2020 election-day event is now underway. Plenty of "experts" have plenty of ideas and opinions on how this is all going to turn out but, as it has historically been, since the 60s, the alleged "journalists" among us don't always get it right. Worse, the corrupt corporate media...
Get over yourselves… Despite your behavior in recent years, you aren’t liberal progressives (yet) and this isn’t all about you.
God told the prophet, Samuel, this is what would happen if the Israelites demanded, and anointed for themselves, a king to lead them. He wasn't wrong.