DC born, Appalachian raised. Independent conservative. Of the opinion that the world has lost its damn fool mind, but whatever-y'all have the right to fuck your shit up any way you want as long as you leave me be to fuck up mine. Problem is, Progressives picked a culture War and dragged me into it. Let's roll.
God told the prophet, Samuel, this is what would happen if the Israelites demanded, and anointed for themselves, a king to lead them. He wasn't wrong.
This cannot stand; we fight or we die because if we don't fight we will surely die anyway.
It ain't pretty in real life, is it?
Ordinarily, this would be anathema to everything rank-and-file Progressive Liberal Socialists stand for and are fighting against but these otherwise very fine people are too busy being angry at their opposition to address what’s happening right in front of their faces
Some of the richest people in the world have become so precisely by profiting from the manipulation and control over who is allowed to tell the truth and to whom their truth can be told.
The deranged liberal cannot have it both ways.
Such is the nature of our species that no Panacea can ever be fully attained but only pursued so long as the exercise of our free will is not compromised.
When the rights of some can supersede the rights of others or can be deemed more equal than the equal rights of others, and everyone and no one has any rights all at the same time, humanity and civilization will cease to exist.