E Pluribus Unum

The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.
Republican voters are in the mood to replace worthless people and processes with productive and vibrant ones. Starting with our own house.
'lf you knew nothing about the policies, the personal lives, and the political backgrouds of NBC hack David Gregory or crooked Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, and you just measured them by their apologies, you would know enough.
For Clinton: "Can't prove it, therefore she's lying. Move on.". For Cain: "It's his job to prove they are lying.". Somewhere in the process, we found our mighty man.
If you are a black conservative, you are off the plantation. You better get back where you belong, or else.
Say what you have to say to take power.
You know it and I know it. This whole media business about "what did Holder know and when did he know it?" is baloney. It's the wrong question. Holder ordered it. There's no way in the world that this multi-agency operation happened without his sign-off,...
The dude has nothing. Everybody knows it. Everybody knew it from the beginning. And when ya got nothing, what do you do? You distract. All the hype; all the "I got this handled" swagger; the smug "I know America's economy is reeling, people are hurting, and millions...