Thursday, June 17, 2021


I'm a Christian, Army Guard wife, and mom of two boys and a cranky cat. Fortunately, a B.S. (*snicker*) in environmental science and close proximity to Seattle have not turned me from my conservative upbringing. But it does make for some interesting blog material!
A minor incident in Washington state two years ago is met with more force than the Benghazi incident. This brings up questions the president will probably delegate to someone else.
They would have done better to rename the debate the "Everyone Gang Up on the Republican!" Show. Seriously. Here, just have some cake.
I'm in denial about Rick Perry, but am in the dark with no TV or radio during the day. These are my musings on what I already know.
Did Pepsico intentionally place a convoluted image of 9/11 on a Diet Pepsi can sold in Iraq, or are people blowing it out of proportion?
Those in the Occupy movement, like toddlers, do not have the emotional maturity to understand that their big, angry tantrums will not result in "fairness" for anyone.