Thursday, March 4, 2021


Romney feels sure about Florida after consulting with Jeb Bush. Then, the obvious choice was Ryan who is a one man wrecking crew against the social.democrats when it comes to the economy and jobs. On Wisconsin !!!! Picture credit

And then there were three….

Is it possible that we will awake one fine day in February, turn on the TV and hear these words? It seems that the pundits have mainly locked themselves in a Gingrich vs. Romney scenario.  This may not reflect the reality of primary elections in the early months (until April),...

The Trip Wire

The Iranian terrorist plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington & others would be a trip wire for justifying military action against Iran for almost any other president save the Obamanable one. This is exactly the excuse we need to use Iran as a proving ground for our...

Latin America Report

Sandra Torres , who divorced the leftist president of Guatemala so she could run to succeed him without violating the constitution was declared ineligible to run by the supreme court who voted 7-0 that the divorce was a sham ,therefore her candidacy is invalid. Torres who trailed conservative retired...

Latin American Report

The leftist President Elect of Perú is meeting in Havana today with the Castro brothers and cancer stricken Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chávez. Before leaving Lima, he confirmed the current head of the BCR(Peru´s fed) Julio Velarde in place which displeased his commie followers. The truth of the matter is...