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"Let's call it Mork until it tell us what it wants to be called."
Kid Rock: "I am starting to see reports from the misinformed press and the fake news ....." I have only questions. This interrogatory is inspired most recently by the indefatigable Vassar Bushmills' recent post on the 'raze the statues' fad or movement? and the public's reaction to it. riots protests riots and the Big Brother censorship crusade of the media/academia/corporate Axis of Evil. I. Since we have...
We have a dictatorship in this country.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Do the virtue-signalling CEO's who left the President's WH council have all their ducks in a row?
So Mitch McConnell says that anybody who opposes the removal of Confederate statues must be a neo-Nazi and Marco Rubio is of the opinion that Anti-fa can't be held responsible for any violence because, like, racism and stuff. We're getting there, aren't we?
....those KKK guys carry American flags at their rallies, too. So, using the principle of "association"....
I am talking about harboring illegal aliens.