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Two-and-a-half Cheers

She has yet to recommend to her boss and to the Congress that the federal Department of Education itself  be rescinded.
Is this like the United States funding the United Nations and they do whatever they want with the money?
take a look at exactly what base is turning on exactly whom
The United States is on the verge of becoming the first truly Marxist country in the world.
Harvard University named Chelsea (PKA 'Bradley') Manning a Visiting ......wait for it


Remember how we all joked ten or twelve years ago about how they're going to put a chip in you?
The Art of the Deal How Donald Trump plays cards... President Trump trumps Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Donald Trump to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan: There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch, and it's bringing me out the dark Finally, I can see you crystal clear Go ahead and sell...

Separated At Birth?

Were John Kasich, Jerry Brown and Rahm Emmanuel actually triplets who were separated at birth?