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Uncool Runnings

Apparently Cool Runnings, the comedy about the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team, is too racist for today’s high school students.

Monopoly: The Cheater’s Edition

President Trump’s law and order approach to governance has bubbled up to a new version of Monopoly, the venerable board game originally designed to propagandize …

Someone to hold your hand

Painkillers not working? Sometimes all you need is someone to hold your hand. “Dr.” Moms (Dads too) everywhere approve.


Imagine the #SchumerShutdown lasts a while and the executive branch doesn’t punish the public. Parks and monuments stay open. SS checks and unemployment go out. …

Anybody notice anything different?

So… the Federal Government is shutdown because Senate Democrats wanted amnesty for somewhere between 800,000 and 50,000,000 illegal aliens more than they wanted to pay …

Whose Side is the Pope on?

Does anyone believe the Pope will argue for the correctness of Christianity and Catholicism as insistently as he does for Islam? Converts from Islam hope …

Casablanca Undone

Think “We’ll always have Paris”? Contrary to the famous line from Casablanca, we won’t.