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Hybrid Warfare is a thing, apparently. One wonders how it builds on the insights of 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and 4th generation warfare, or if it's just a globalist neologism analogous to "soft power" with the meaning "not warfare".

Tax Bill

I'm curious why Bill and Melinda Gates put billions of dollars into a charitable trust where it is protected from taxes. They want to pay more taxes, or so they claim to the papers. Very curious.
Good news. There are no Harambés in the Panda pen at the zoo.
Brazilian President Bolsonaro was stabbed and almost killed during his presidential campaign. As a result he had a temporary colostomy bag inserted while his body healed. Well, now it's time to reverse this so he went into the hospital. And unlike Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has kept everything about...

Meet Tijuana Trump

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum says the Honduran migrants who loaf around his city, trying to find a way to sneak across the border into San Diego, are “pot smokers, bums and bad people.” Even in Mexico, there are judges trying to force him to apologize to the illegals....
The funny thing is, Nancy Pelosi's favorite verse from the Bible isn't. It isn't from the Bible.
Imagine how persuasive it would be if President Trump gave his State of the Union address directly to the people, from the Mexican border, and entered the podium from a secured drug smuggler tunnel. That would be one of the greatest events of political communication and theater in our...
Who decided to start naming little girls "Abcde"? How's it pronounced? Apparently something like "Abe Sahdy" with the accent on the first syllable. What's it mean? "Child of an idiot" is the generally accepted meaning. That may not be the intended meaning though. Beware mocking the ridiculous name. You...