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Casablanca Undone

Think “We’ll always have Paris”? Contrary to the famous line from Casablanca, we won’t.

Fauxcahontas Lieawatha Warren

Fauxcahontas Lieawatha Warren earned her moniker. President Trump may simply call her Pocahontas, but that’s too kind. As David French writes, she was an academic …

Paging ICE

Paging ICE: There’s a great place to check the immigration status of illegal aliens!

17 Times Denied by CNN

In a bid to beat a Christian (namely Thomas the Apostle) at something, CNN activists have denied seventeen times that they are good little progressive …

Endangered Speeches Act Needed

ENDANGERED SPEECHES ACT NEEDED: All the currently Endangered Speeches in the US are by Conservative Speakers being oppressed by Antifa and its allies.