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Whether you love the New England Patriots or hate them it's amusing how every one of the NFL League's rule changes meant to handicap the Pats has been used by the Pats to win more games against their hapless competition. The Pats dominate the league simply by being the...

Zombie Deer are no joke

Zombie deer are not a joke. A new prion-based disease that infects wild deer has been found in about half the states and provinces of the USA and Canada. It's called Chronic Wasting Disease and works the same way Mad Cow or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease works to destroy the brain...

A gross of milk please

Apparently dairy farmers want almond milk to gross customers out.
Firemen regularly rescue kittens caught in trees. This mountain lion, seen on a branch 50 feet up the tree, was a little more challenging than the usual housecat.
Watch as Beto O'Rourke, thoroughly protected by guards, walls, gates, locks and fences, preaches to his big-government congregation about tearing down all walls that protect America.
Good riddance to the Dishonorable Andrew McCabe.

Babylon Bee sums up AOC

If you haven't read the Babylon Bee's hilarious summary of Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, you should go here now and have a laugh.

No magic bullet train

California's magic bullet train lost its magic.