Tuesday, July 27, 2021


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FaceBook was kind enough to inform us that the quote in the featured image has been determined by FactCheck.Org and Snopes to be false. Here's the rest of the story. On October 29, 2013, Hillary Clinton replied to an attendee at Goldman Sachs’ Builders and Innovators Summit. Male attendee: My question...

The rapist is you?

"The rapist is you" is the new feminist battle hymn of defamation against everyone insufficiently woke and feminist. So you and you and you and me and everyone is now a rapist. Just ask them.

Worse than Watergate

Charles Hurt recognizes what I believe many of us already believe to be true, that Barack Obama's administration, by spying on American citizens at home, foreign citizens in their home countries, and even on political rivals in their home, offices, and private political meetings, was a far more dangerous...

Meanwhile in Pensacola

Meanwhile, in Pensacola FL, site of the recent murder of three young sailors who were viciously slaughtered in a premeditated act of Jihad by a Saudi transfer student, the route to the cemetery was lined with thousands of sailors and marines saluting their dead brother in arms.

Ellis Island Part Dos

The US needs to bring back the Ellis Island concept to regulate immigration along the Mexican border. We realize that more desire to enter the US than the US can accept. Some will always be rejected, such as criminals, psychopaths, terrorists, lazy bums looking for a handout, and carriers...
David French expects there to be some sort of mutual tolerance, and that it would be real tolerance. But the left adheres to the Marcusean redefinition of tolerance, as a one-way process that accepts every moral judgment or act that comes from a leftist and rudely, violently rejects every...
The EU stands astride Europe, the second, more successful German attempt to install a thousand year reich in the last hundred years. At the moment of German triumph over the continent, Germany's subject colonies suddenly awaken to the fact of their stealth conquest by a hostile foreign power and...
Flashback 2011: 13 Mexican nationals illegally in the USA, all dressed in USMC uniforms emblazoned with the name "Perez", were arrested in California, riding in a white van equipped with a stolen military tag. Two American citizens drove the van to smuggle the border crossers deep into California. Do...