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Someone to Vote FOR

It's always dangerous to overthink. But right now I'm cogitating on the GOP primary contests and how to characterize the people who support each of the candidates, and wondering if I have thought enough.
Let's have a little fun with this picture of the Arizona Governor and the President.
Long before Sarah Palin, the Democrat Media Complex spent its credibility in order to attack Newt Gingrich.

Me and Ron Paul

I believe that the Creator endowed every human with freedom, responsibility, duty and honor, subject to the Natural Laws of the Universe.
According to Rasmussen's most recent national poll, Romney is polling 30% and Gingrich 27% among GOP voters.

Bain Capital

Bain Capital had two main lines of business: Venture capital for startups and turnarounds for failing companies.
Let's discuss the proposed structure in South Korea that resembles the World Trade Center Towers in the midst of their Jihad-caused destruction.

God or State

There are those who believe that human rights were given to people by God.