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Tyrant vs. Amendment

Whereas every Amendment to a Constitution substantially changes the Constitution, therefore it follows that every Amendment is contrary to the Constitution. Otherwise, what’s the point?

“Taxes” vs “Revenues”

Big Government Democrats have decided to stop calling taxes “taxes”: To the extent that Republicans play along, they surrender to stupidity.


America, we have a problem.

America has traded in its own culture for the promised kindnesses of the politically connected

Mississippi Surprise!

Yesterday Rick Santorum surprised everyone in the Democrat Media Complex when he surpassed his polling by nearly 10% and won both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries.

The Compleat Republican

Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, conservatism and the Republican Party have been synonymous in the mind of Americans.

Aspirin Damage

No matter which candidate the GOP runs, the Democrats will smear them with bogus threats to contraception.