Winning Changes Everything

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Of White Gods and Goddesses

During the civil rights days I hung around its periphery during undergraduate and law school, while a couple of my high school classmates (the year ... Read More

America’s Lost Army; People Who Don’t Read

I haven't talked about my old Cold War mentor Moses Sands in a few years. He moved to the higher pastures, and ... Read More

Will Mrs Clinton Accept the Election Results if Trump Wins?

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Hillary’s Glass Ceiling With Liberal Democrat Voters

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Fifty Shades of Hypocrisy

In comparison to the acceptance of sexual predation that has arisen from the Democrat Party in both the political world and popular culture ... Read More

Hillary Makes it Official, This is about Class, Not Politics

Recently, Hillary Clinton gave her take on the Bernie Sanders voters, as being wide-eyed naifs still living in their parents' basement ... Read More
Donald Trump and the People

Donald Trump and the People’s Existential Threat

This is an update on a theme I raised in February 2016, "Donald Trump and the People" as I think the ... Read More

What Hillary Needs to Win on Monday Night

On Monday night, Sept 26, I expect a full frontal assault, ambush if necessary, on Donald Trump by the interrogators ... Read More

New Major Compromise: Hill And The DNC Still Haven’t Learned Digital Security

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Putting the #NeverTrump Syndrome on the Couch

Putting the #NeverTrump Syndrome on the Couch

On closer inspection, it appears that NeverTrumpism is more than just a vanity built on elitism and status protection. It's not ... Read More

Seriously, Do the Russians Really Prefer Donald Trump as Our Next President?

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Ought Donald Trump Focus on Getting the Lower-Propensity Voters to the Polls?

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All the News That’s Fit to Print

The answer to every question begins with a unified theory, and the question today is just what are the forces ... Read More

Making the Media Irrelevant

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#NeverTrump’s Ship of Fools

The political killing season has gotten more grisly, it seems, only because this time, the assassins seem to be losing. Since the ... Read More

After Brexit, Shoot All the Bureaucrats

"Every successful analysis begins with a unified theory." Some Americans credit Donald Trump for the success of Brexit, while others are saying ... Read More