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Why is Barack Obama Throwing Shade at Joe Biden?

Let us consider the utility of a President Biden to those leftists of a conspiratorial, scheming bent. Barack Obama has been going around talking about the amount of damage Joe Biden could do, and crowing that he made this plain before Joe Biden was elevated to the Oval Office. Why would he do this?

And then I recalled Nicolo Macchiaveli’s story about a similar situation involving Pope Alexander VI, aka Duke Rodrigo Borgia:

When the duke occupied the Romagna he found it under the rule of weak masters, who rather plundered their subjects than ruled them, and gave them more cause for disunion than for union, so that the country was full of robbery, quarrels, and every kind of violence; and so, wishing to bring back peace and obedience to authority, he considered it necessary to give it a good governor. Thereupon he promoted Messer Ramiro d’Orco, a swift and cruel man, to whom he gave the fullest power. This man in a short time restored peace and unity with the greatest success. Afterwards the duke considered that it was not advisable to confer such excessive authority, for he had no doubt but that he would become odious, so he set up a court of judgment in the country, under a most excellent president, wherein all cities had their advocates. And because he knew that the past severity had caused some hatred against himself, so, to clear himself in the minds of the people, and gain them entirely to himself, he desired to show that, if any cruelty had been practised, it had not originated with him, but in the natural sternness of the minister. Under this pretence he took Ramiro, and one morning caused him to be executed and left on the piazza at Cesena with the block and a bloody knife at his side. The barbarity of this spectacle caused the people to be at once satisfied and dismayed.

Duke Borgia placed Ramiro d’Orco, a cruel and violent man, over his newly acquired territory in the Romagna. He let d’Orco crush the resistance and criminals, then when the streets and roads were once again safe and the people started complaining about the means of this change, he had d’Orco killed in public. This left the people happy the instrument of their discomfort was dead, and also terrified of crossing the Duke. This was exactly what the Duke needed to secure his control over the Romagna.

How this lesson would apply to the USA at this juncture is an exercise left to the reader.

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