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Power Of The People To Overtake and Own The GOP – Action, Action, Action

Big day yesterday in a few states around the country with the Precinct Strategy Trump voters also known as America 1st voters took to their precincts to win the Chairmanships and control of a filthy GOP mired in US Chamber money and no principles for America. Dan Schultz a decent American who loves his country has been telling the voters who love America how to do this since 2009 and was offhandedly dismissed as a one trick pony. Well now after years of PACs (grifting your dollars) TEA Party groups (great for meeting like-minded people but not great for making the rules to govern the GOP by) that ONE TRICK is the TRICK the only TRICK, the ANSWER PrecinctCommitteemanProject

politics is invading our lives

It can seem as though politics has taken over every part of our culture. A Precinct Committeeman has the ability take the culture back by influencing voters and by effecting changes in the Republican Party.

We do this by getting citizens involved at the grassroots level because long lasting and positive change can only happen from the ground up. If we all decide to do something we’ve never done before, then nothing can stop our collective efforts.

We are proud to stand with citizen patriots all across this country.

This is no time in history to melt back into silence, this is the time to rise up and be heard. The media/universities control the national narrative, you must control your local narrative. I introduce you to Daniel Wiley who is doing just that in Douglas County, GA Landslide

One individual heard Dan’s story and did something about it. Daniel Wiley, just a regular guy in Georgia, not even particularly politically motivated, heard Dan Schultz on Bannon’s War Room about the Precinct Committeeman strategy. But Daniel wasn’t going to settle for just a Precinct Committeeman position. He looked at the Douglas COUNTY chair position and said…”That’s what I want to do.”

Daniel has been challenging the RINO regime in Georgia, and since, he’s been on the John Frederick show, and they’re asking him to come back after his victory…but Daniel didn’t just win….he won in a LANDSLIDE victory.

All the RINO board members that were left refused to serve under a MAGA chair, so they all quit in protest. Break our hearts, right? So Daniel just replaced the ENTIRE Douglas County GOP board with all MAGA, in one fell swoop.

Dan Schultz has inspired a political revolution!!

Dan Schultz has inspired a political revolution and guess what he doesn’t want your money, he’s not asking you to fund anything, he is asking you to take control of the GOP and run your local politics. I’m sure that is shocking as you’ve never been asked to support something without opening your wallets.

Another winner in the all important state of GA Salleigh Grubbs as its new chairperson Saturday afternoon

In a three-way race, Grubbs took more than 50% of the vote, avoiding a runoff. She bested opponents Lisa Adkins, who chairs the 34th House District and is first vice chair of the 11th Congressional District, and Pamela Alayon, the Cobb GOP’s former vice chair of membership.

“I’m an unapologetic patriot,” Grubbs said in a speech before the vote. “I’m the only America-first and the only Cobb-first candidate in this election. It is my plan to bring us together to work together to defeat the Democrats.”

Jim Hoft hit it again this am so you know a movement is truly afoot Replacing America Last Republicans

Now we have more updates:

On Saturday Cobb County Georgia just overthrew their chair position too. It was a real catfight.

And besides Cobb County, Appling County, Lowdes, Pierce, and Pickens Counties also voted in Pro-Trump committeemen. There was also a vote in Fannin County, which is the home county of Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, that passed 37-2 to censure Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger.

If you’re truly America 1st, if you love America you’ll get off your duff and get in the GOP to flip the GOP to a true opposition Party. The GOP for the past 3 decades has swam in the swamp with the Democrats, they didn’t represent you and you kept voting for them. You wouldn’t of course have voted for a Democrat, they are batshit crazy. You unfortunately got weakness that helped destroy this country. I think the best comment I’ve seen recently on politics is from Christopher Gergen

Politics is not a business of unity. Politics is a bloodsport; a zero sum game played at every level in today’s world. Refusing to accept this reality does not make it any less true. If conservatism and capitalism are to conquer progressive liberalism and communism we must accept the fact that both of these ideologies cannot coexist.

One must be extinguished.

You know how you know its a bloodsport? look at the headlines each morning of entire cities being destroyed by the communist Democrats to cow you into fear and silence. I implore all those who love America to be silent no longer and take back your country one precinct at a time.

Now get to stepping people

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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