The Pleasure Of Dispatching Your Enemies – Precinct Strategy Edition


Conservatives have been on a tear from coast to coast, overtaking precincts that had people in them too long or actually had no one in them at all (hello is anybody out there?). Some precincts haven’t upgraded their websites since 2013, they didn’t care about you or the GOP as a party for that matter. The GOP itself didn’t care that no one was there, they could run roughshod with the US Chamber as their money men if half the precinct seats were empty and that 25% of the ones taken were their pimps in the Chamber. We’ve been lax in our civic duty to clean our side of the street. I, like many conservatives, work a full time job vote every election (local school board etc.), walked my precinct for years to GOTV, made phone calls, donated. I believed that the GOP was just too damn corrupt to change; the GOTV books are trash and they make candidates pay them for that trash. I’ve encouraged candidates to pay the dollars for R-Votes

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The news of the day is what happens when the people, we the people, conservatives start taking over the precincts Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Fails to Secure Nomination as GOP Delegate in His Own Precinct

A source told National File that “Raffensperger was denied election as a delegate in his own precinct this morning at the Fulton County Republican Caucuses,” and that “Raffensperger failed to even secure a nomination for delegate.”

One participant said, “We are sending a message that will be heard all around the state. Raffensperger has got to go.” One source explained to national File that “Raffensperger‘s defeat comes as a shock given that Republican elected officials are often treated like royalty whenever they seek to be made a delegate to anything.”

Raffensperger did not even attend the caucuses but instead merely “sent a note requesting to be made a delegate,” however, “no one nominated him” and he did make it to the ballot as a result. “Turnout was very high at the caucus with 60-70% of participants being first time attendees,” National File’s source explained.

Brant Frost, Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party told National File, “I voted for Brad in 2018 but he has let us all down. Today we sent a message that will be heard around all around Georgia and America. It is my earnest hope that Brad will not seek re-election as Secretary of State and enjoy his golden years in private life.”

Precinct Committeepeople did that and they relished it and they sent a strong message that business as usual is gone. We’re not going anywhere and we are removing a lot of leftover trash from the Bush era. I encourage everyone who can please get in your local precinct, there is strength in numbers PrecinctStrategy

In a nutshell, this is what every conservative — including you, dear reader — needs to do ASAP:
Contact your county Republican Party Committee, find out when and where it or your local district Party Committee meets (terminology varies from state to state), and attend the meeting.
Introduce yourself. Be friendly, polite, and low key. The current officers may be wary of outsiders. Ask if a vacant precinct committeeman position exists for your precinct and volunteer to be appointed to fill it. If no vacancy currently exists (extremely unlikely), volunteer to be a “helper” for the existing precinct committeemen.
Ask for a copy of the precinct committeeman handbook of your state party committee and study it and learn how to run for precinct committeeman in the next election for these positions.

Precinct committeemen are today’s political Minutemen. Can you at least give this a try?

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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