Friday, July 23, 2021

By an Angel’s Kiss, RIP after 10 years


March 11, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of any American life lost to hostile fire in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The last deaths in Iraq were March 11,2020, where two soldiers died in Baghdad in a rocket attack, and last ones in Afghanistan were February 8, 2020, when two Army sergeants were murdered in Nangarhar Province in a “green on blue” incident by Afghan soldiers.

Since 2011 we have been memorializing every battlefield deaths at both Unified Patriots and, which hung up its spurs earlier this year. Just Search “By and Angel’s Kiss,” and you can see them all.

God willing, there will be no more deaths to report.

So it’s time to say goodbye.

Rest in Peace, Gentlemen, all of you.

 Vaya con Dios

Job well done.  

A mourning nation thanks you.

We used two songs, “The Greenfields of France”, performed by Davey Arthur and the Furies in 1982 and the Theme Song to the film “Serpico” by Mikos Theodorakis in 1973.

And both were introduced with this art (above) of an Angel kissing a dying knight on the battlefield, which I found on a World War I-dated postcard in the Balkans.

The photo array was provided by our good friend from the gang’s old days at RedState before 2011,

The photo array was provided by our good friend from the gang’s old days at RedState before 2011, known as Specialist on Twitter and who I always knew as Beasely Beasemill.


and who I always knew as Beasely Beasemill.



P.S.- From the sublime to the macabre, We’re trying to find a way to communicate and a theme song to reward Patriots who go out and kill the rose bushes or Skunk their thousand dollar business suits, or Italian purses, or tag their car with red paint, or even, if they can keep from getting caught, forcing a bar of Ivory Soap in their mouth, or any number of other and sundry dignity insults, to several categories of leftwing nut-jobs; from lying cub-reporters to English Department teachers’ pets and PC snitches, to reachable politicians and apparatchiks. (Leave the high-profiles to professionals.)

But if you can pull it off, we’d like to give you a big-shout out with a song.

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