Donald Trump and the Two-front War


With his speech Donald Trump at CPAC seems to have lit the fuse for not only a cultural Awakening in America, but a “two-front war”, lighting the fuse of liberty among the people of those peoples belonging to the nations most hellbent on bringing us down to their level.

So instead of another four-years, it can become a 30-Year endeavor, which means I won’t live to see it won, but it will have a much greater possibility of surviving another hundred years, and America can finally get about it’s original purpose, which always was to serve as a model for others seeking to be free to follow.

I just began a discussion with an introduction earlier today.

I want want to say this one thing:

I’m retired from everything but this War.

I just don’t have time with the time left to me to waste on those popinjays who’re stay-at-home complainers on Twitter or self-appointed spokespeople of the Right who’ve fallen well short of protecting the American people, but rather protected their own status and their public reputations.

For whatever reason, you’re not worth my time.

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