The Evil Within This Mighty Republic


I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t know that the Clinton’s sold our country out for Chinese dollars Charlie Trie Indicted

Charlie Trie, a longtime friend of President Bill Clinton, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington in connection with campaign finance abuses, CNN has learned.

Sources say that a sealed indictment handed down Wednesday accuses Trie of election law violations and mail fraud. However, Trie, believed to be somewhere in Asia, has not been arrested because he cannot be found.

Trie has been one of the central figures in the investigations of alleged improprieties in raising money for the 1996 campaign. He raised a combined $1.2 million for the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s legal defense fund — money which both entities later returned because of questions about its source.

Congressional investigators have alleged that some of the money Trie contributed to Clinton and the Democrats may have come from sources in China, which are barred by federal law from contributing to American election campaigns.

Trie also has been linked to schemes by which money was distributed to people legally able to contribute, who then allegedly donated it to the Democrats in their names in order to conceal the actual source of the funds.

Trie also was seen on one of the videotapes taken of controversial White House receptions for campaign donors. The tapes were turned over to congressional investigators last November.

Trie has been a friend of the president since the 1970s, when Clinton was attorney general of Arkansas. Trie owned a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock that Clinton frequented.

In 1994, Trie moved to Washington and eventually became part of an effort to raise money from Asian-American sources for the Democrats.

What has been a love affair of Democrats has also been one of the US Chamber and by default the GOP whores that service them Chamber Of Commerce and the China Connection

The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says he doesn’t believe it’s necessary to ‘reshore’ all industrial production to the United States, which runs counter to President Donald Trump’s “America First” mindset and strategy to reinvigorate American manufacturing.

In an online conference this week, Chamber CEO Tom Donohue cautioned about “reshoring” too much of the supply chain from China back to the U.S., Reuters reported.

“Protecting the resiliency of our supply chain doesn’t have to mean reshoring all production in the United States,” he said.

While it may be that the U.S. will need to bolster its domestic production capabilities in the future for some industries, “there will also need to continue to be a huge place in the U.S. economy for a global supply chain,” Donohue said.

Now comes a pathetic little gnome of man who enjoyed not only the dollars of the Chinese but the bed of their “Tokyo Rose” Traiterous Behavior

He noted that Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy in her office for 20 years, during which she was on the Senate Intelligence Committee. McCarthy questioned why Democrats left the bipartisan China Task Force he established. He also noted that Pelosi had not brought bills to the House that the Senate had passed which would hold China accountable. When Ingraham asked him if hearings needed to occur, McCarthy said that’s the purpose of the bipartisan commission.

McCarthy then questioned why Swalwell remained on the Intelligence Committee and in Congress. Especially since he was the lone vocal critic of DNI John Ratcliffe for saying Iran and China were bigger national security threats than Russia. McCarthy noted that China’s spending on espionage is six times larger than Russia’s and twelve times larger than Iran’s.

So far, it is fair to say that Swalwell is acting just like someone who is guilty. He is blaming President Trump for being exposed and not answering direct questions. The investigation into Fang closed in 2015 when the FBI got involved, and she fled the country. It is fair to wonder what pictures and other documents she may have taken with her.

Why Swalwell thinks the president would even be aware of the situation is a mystery. The fact that he thinks Trump would target him directly speaks to his arrogance. His role in the impeachment process wasn’t all that important. He was also not the only politician noted to have had contact with Fang. His rhetoric on Russia and silence about China are in line with just about every other Democrat in Congress.

Swalwell’s continued minimization of the threat China poses is not a good look in light of everything we know now. Neither is telling Politico the controversy would not affect his position on the House Intelligence Committee:

It is no wonder our country is literally on the precipice of survival when so many for so long were willing to sell out this great nation.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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