Orange Camos by Moonlight, Part IV

Posted by on November 18, 2020 8:38 am
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As noted in Parts I, II, and III, America will not just suddenly change as Democrats wish, even if they should steal the Senate as well. You see, the People will not comply. Putting the People into this sort of submissive state the Democrats are desiring may take a few generations.

I’ve been issuing a series of warning shots across the bow¬† (Part I) to state and federal officials, and their conspiratorial corporate partners, that the best time to get out is now, before the Supreme Court declares parts or perhaps even all of the state votes that are being contested, and those electoral votes, are handed back to the rightful winner (by a wide margin), because the thunder that will descend on the conspiring parties will be historic in scale…because their attempted crimes have been historic in scale, and they all may be caught in the backwash. A mere “D” in front their name could prove fatal to any future aspirations. The re-reckoning of this History will be massive, even longer than the Warren Report, perhaps taking years. In the meantime the People can go back to restoring this Nation to their original contract with the Government they created. I guessed that may take 30-40 years, so for you impatient patriots, don’t get you panties in a bunch. Just count yourselves lucky that you even get to see the Promised Land, old-timers like me may yet end up stranded on Mt Nebo.

Just know you will not be able to nestle back into to your couch an put your sideline coach’s cap back on. There is much that will need to be done.

But this series, I-IV, is largely directed at the “D’s” and their administrative class, giving them a prevue of things to come.

In Part II, I outlined how the “D’s” threatened ground-assault will quickly peter out once the Supreme Court finds in Donald Trump’s favor, and how smoothly we will transition from defense to offense, without having to dig up most of those 400 million weapons buried in our backyards. Within a very short time “D”‘s will be spending more time trying to see if they can even salvage the “D” than in trying to stop this Trump Train which by 2024 will have taken on the aura¬† of an “Age”, much like the Age of the Founders, 1787-1828.

Then in Part III, I simply noted that the Supreme Court is also human, and that they may make their decision based on the zeitgeist of the times; soulless and remorseless destruction of property and lives, and that a second Trump term would only invite an increase in that kind of violence in spades. I attempted to disabuse both the Court and the “D’s” of this possibility, for taking away from the People what is rightfully the Peoples’ will call down a righteous thunder not seen here since 1776.

Now here, in Part IV, I simply want to lay out what that Thunder will look like, militarily.

Democrats, despite the approved electoral vote will have no expansion of their actual territory. Just in 2016, it will still be small islands of Blue surrounded by large oceans of Red.

Only, as I said previously, their D-government will not be feared, only hated. Even at the county and city level they will be unable to confidently rely on local or state police, all of whom are natives of the People. So are their National Guards. (The Government establishment does not ordinarily send its children to become cops or soldiers, seamen or airmen, so virtually every armed member of the government will have to make a choice at some point, and the vast majority will choose their roots, making even these blue conclaves militarily weaker.)

And one of the first tasks of the new resistance will be that of blighting the paths of government. My ideal mental picture is that of House members having to dress up like homeless people and take a bus to work in hopes people on the street will not recognize them. That little pin they wear that used to open doors everywhere in the District, will soon be worn only inside the hallways of Congress.

Of course, the principal mission of the new “D” government will be to close the last doors on God, cleansing those little rug rats of any and all moral concepts that are not state sanctioned, so as secure their secular power over the next generation, and the next. So, up to as many as half of those children will be removed from public schools, denying the state its pounds of souls. The state will be left literally with social-leftovers, plus of course, the wealthy academy-kids who’ve come become so spoiled they are only fit for sociology professoriates at Stanford, with no real value to their administrative needs in government. This type won’t even have future value as date-rape witnesses against the next Republican-appointed judge, since there won’t be any more of those under the new permanent “D” regime.

So “D’s” will have to come up with totally new plans an ideas, (a hard task for “D’s”, who are not very good at blazing new ideas) as to how to run an educational system with only the bottom half of the cannon fodder to work with. Think of it like the inbreeding of the European royals an what that led to,

More immediate and worse, they will have to find ways to get all those guns. For only by taking those guns can they turn those red areas on the map blue.

To their advantage, they know where close to 80% of them are because they are registered, only when they send a letter and after three letters have gone unanswered, they will learn that the original buyer will say he no longer has it. And that he sold it at the flea market. Or he gave it to his son as a wedding gift. Tracking the actual firearm will be a tedious, miserable task and some keen mind in accounting will come up with the idea of just going in with SWAT teams, one neighborhood at a time, and taking those houses and yards apart to find AR’s they aren’t even sure are there.

Now, they may have some success in suburbs of Chicago, Portland, Philly, etc where BLM and Antifa like to go to stage suburban events just to show they can terrorize middle class housing as easily as they can a downtown shopping district. But in blue Birmingham (AL)? Or Lexington, KY? Or even Austin, TX? Pick any university town or state capitol or county seat of a county over half a million. In most the state gendarmes may be able to kick their way in, but will have to shoot their way out. And it is here they will learn half or more of their armed uniforms are very 2nd Amendment about their neighbors’ guns.

This is where the Government will have to rethink a broad gun seizure program. But having recklessly drawn first blood, which the caprice of governmental front offices, convinced they are immune from being personally injured, in short order, an underground will develop, possibly individually, but also possibly coordinated. It all depends on their ability to develop secure communications, which may mean no cell-phone usage at all (if they’re smart). I discuss these on-the-ground planning tools in an altogether different context under the general title of “dark alley tactics” or “killing rosebushes” (a euphemism). A list of articles going back to 2013 can be found here (some redundancy), plus a revue of my two essays on the “Battle of Algiers” as to how undergrounds were set up without technological assists.

Hats off to the French underground of WWII, the Maquis, who fought the occupying Germans, but primarily to assist in their rescue by the United States an Allies, mostly in 1944. They were not heavy into the “shooting back” part of a resistance. So I recommend the Norwegian resistance, who with very little help from the outside, simply killed Nazis to blight their occupation of their country under the simplest notion that they could not continue to go out in their fishing boats and act as if they were living normal lives while vermin had occupied their towns and villages. I like this attitude more, for in the Revolutionary War these kinds of people would have ended up forming militias….militias who in the end turned the Revolution in our favor.

This is how the American resistance will shape up should the “D’s” gain national power. And they will not long hold it. It will not be Government troops (not sure what to call them yet, since the majority of combat Army and Marines under the rank of colonel will be on the People’s side) who, with siege machines, will be standing outside the highways leading into Joplin, Missouri, preparing to storm the city.

It will be our militias standing on the outskirts of Albany, suggesting to the governor there that he might find it to his benefit to come out with his hands up, or we’ll burn it down. Fifty times over. OK, maybe not Honolulu.

And the uniform of the day will be our distinctive orange camos, woven and sewn in North Carolina, not China.

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