Daily Poke, Oct 8, 2020: A Simple Quiz for Citizen-Voters

Posted by on October 8, 2020 8:04 am
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The fact that he became President shows just how broke the political system was;

The fact that he could even be considered for president shows how broken the Culture itself was;


Barack Obama?

Bill Clinton, or (almost) Hillary Clinton, or (still maybe) Joe Biden?

OR:    Diametrically opposite:

Donald Trump?

So then, now that we know there are two (2) different Systems and Cultures in direct conflict here:

Which came first, Good or Evil? And who’s Angel is driving who out of Eden?


Just which System, and just which moral Culture needs to be fixed?

And can just any Congress and just any President, fix it?


Always know your First Principles, because those two little children (above) are being taught there aren’t any.


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