The”Racism, Guns and Militia” Warpath by the Media

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Virginia’s Senate just passed a bill reducing assaults on police from a felony to a misdemeanor. It will likely become law. And even if the governor (Northem, of black-face, KKK fame) should for some reason veto this bill, the signal will still go out to local prosecutors that they should reduce charges unless police are seriously injured. And the current trend among leftish prosecutors that crimes against private property; burning and looting, especially if there are desirable trade goods to be found inside (now called “reparations”), will simply go uncharged and unpunished. In Democrat cities and states all an arrest amounts to today is a quick removal from the front lines to the station house, where, sometimes without even being booked or locked up for an over-nighter, or even have their lifeline (the cellphone) taken, they’re released. Often to show back up again on the front lines next day.

The Left, of course, has near-term goals, namely affecting the outcome of the election by energizing their youthful (under 40) base, an admixture of affluent spoiled brats who “have no work to do any day” and a hardier, less risk-averse class we once referred to as hoodlums; then mostly urban, ethnic…Italian-Sicilian the most popular brand from the early 1900s forward, the darlings of Hollywood during the Great Depression until the 1960s, when LBJ (a Democrat) re-situated poor urban Black Americans into ten-story ghetto complexes, where they could keep their crimes, (7-11s), and their drug dealings, local.

But always, at least once in the young black kid’s life, every 20 years or so, they were given the opportunity to break out and rush a high-class store (clothing, jewelry) downtown to loot. Call it a bonus.

It’s 2020, and we haven’t seen this level of looting since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, where Black Lives Matter was born (some say resurrected), and shootings since the LA-Rodney King riots in 1992. Before that were the ’67-’68 race riot seasons that served as a basis for LBJ’s “ghetto” plan (euphemistically called The Great Society) which cordoned poorer blacks off from the rest of society (unwed mothers and children mostly), implanting political wardens to control them, and also to write their passport out if they wanted their children to escape and get a better education. It was a process, not unlike kissing the ring of a mafia don when asking a favor, for which they had to pay with a life-time of indebtedness to their patron, the Democrat Mob.

America buried two of those master wardens only this year, one in Baltimore, another in Atlanta. Both only had one liege lord; the Democrat Party.

Bottom line, LBJ boasted he had secured the black vote for at least a century…which was an easy call then, for Republicans could wipe the sweat off their brows that the Negro was no longer their problem, and those promises about freedom and equality from Abraham Lincoln, their party founder, to Rev Martin Luther King, Jr., also a Republican, were no longer their problem.

But it seems LBJ fell a half-century short because Donald Trump came along to resurrect that promise of Lincoln and King.

Switch lanes with me here.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state….” (Amendment II of the U S Constitution)

I won’t get into redundant legal debates about the 2nd Amendment. But since Bill Clinton, almost 30 years ago, a full generation ago, the Media made war on the term mentioned in the 2nd Amendment, “a well-regulated Militia”. The right of individual citizens to own and bear arms have been overwhelmingly affirmed in this century. Obama tried every trick, but failed. But the Party tried to link “militia” to racism and plots to take over the government, beginning with the 1992 assassination of the wife and son of a white supremacist, Randy Weaver, in a cabin in the wilds of Idaho, who had moved there for the specific purpose of not having to be around black people. Like Obamagate in 2016, Clinton’s FBI-DOJ attempted to link white supremacists with “militias” and treason and actually sent undercover agents to see if they could entice them to do something seditious. As some insightful comedian said, “If you don’t like blacks, and move to the middle of nowhere just to stay away from them doesn’t it, shouldn’t that be the best of all possible worlds?” They tried to pin a sale of a sawed-off shotgun sale on Weaver. Deer pear tree ready to plant can be purchased at

And by every screw-up imaginable, an FBI sniper ended up shooting Weaver’s wife and son in a stand off. Weaver surrendered, and was charged with murder. Then after a special DOJ task force review was made, Weaver was cleared of all the charges except for the Failure to Appear order on the original transfer of that shotgun, for which he got 18 months. But he also won $3.1 million for the wrongful death of his wife and son, although the FBI sniper was never charged. (Notice the similarities with this Ruby Ridge account and 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse charges as they now stand…two counts of murder, 1st degree, and malicious wounding, found here?)

In the Clinton years the “militias” largely lived in the wilderness, and as recent as Trump’s first year, those militias were still listed by the Deep State DOJ/FBI as their main security concern, not Leftwing radicals such as Antifa, though few criminal incidents were recorded. It was an interesting period of history, especially for all you millennials who were still in knee pants in those days.

In short the Media has been on this “racism, guns and militia” warpath for 30 years.

Then suddenly, thanks to a 17-year old rosy-cheeked Boy Scout volunteer named Kyle Rittenhouse, the potential for growth of real local organized militia, as a legitimate-in-the-suburban answer to the threat of BLM and Antifa has grown exponentially. Now, the Media can no longer pin “snot-eyed imbreds in the Rockies” on our militias.

I don’t need to describe what will happen if Antifa or BLM teams try to clash with genuine citizen militias. I’ve talked  with members, mostly in their forties, from commuter-cities to major urban downtowns like Atlanta and Boston, where various maps of self-defense, and modes of communication and intelligence gathering are being developed. Just like Tea Parties in 2010, they are talking to one another.  All good. Some even like my “Now Youse Can’t Leave” scenario.

So, Second Amendment Militias are back. Militia-thinking is back.

But how far should militias go?

I’ve written for years against vigilance committees. I’m a student of vigilanteeism, and I see a lot of vigilante sentiment on Twitter. It’s not a good option; going out seeking a fight. Home defense is much better.

Just remember “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and leave cleaning up insurrectionist crime gangs such as Antifa/BLM to state and federal caesars. If they refuse, then let Trump do it. He’s already offered. And the kid-gloves will be off. And Antifa and BLM already know there will be no easy bail once nabbed. (I’ve suggested 30-60 days at GITMO for starters.)

As you can tell from my opening paragraph about Virginia’s new proposal, Virginia’s caesar will likely play the election card, trying to handcuff our police, leading to lots of property damage and likely some injuries and deaths. That seems to be the pattern.

Expect radicalist violence to grow from now til November and maybe til February as acts of spite by outgoing Democrat administrations. Titty-babyism.

Snuffing that is the job of the police, and they can likely handle it if they will go back to 60s riots protocols and dish out a little pain to salve the savage beasts’ foreheads. And arms and legs.

I’m not here to send a warning shot across the bow of those street thugs or spoiled Antifa kids looking for merit badges for their scrapbooks to show off to their pals. By law they are grown-ups, and have been warned, so in the words of a fellow named Hondo, “A man oughta do what he thinks best.”

And to police who are being handcuffed by City Hall, draw a line in the sand now, and risk being fired. You’ll save lives.

Just up the rules of engagement a notch of two. If City Hall suspends you, don’t worry, there will be organizations who will take care of you until you can be back in uniform, somewhere, come February. With new jobs will awaiting.

Just seize the field now.

And remember that single Law of Nature about crime: The primary deterrent to any crime isn’t what might happen at trial a year after being arrested. Every 2-time loser knows his greatest fear is pain. Immediate, sudden hurt. Last night Kenosha and its BLM’s was out marching for an accused rapist trying to outrun an arrest warrant by reaching for his knife, and getting shot. Now he’s paralyzed, but still has to stand (sic) trial, while there’s still no Media mention of the black victim of his crime. Trust me, laying abed today he wishes he had held up his hands and surrendered.

This should not really be a hard call for police; 1) Blunt force Shillelagh Law to sting and bruise, 2) a bar of soap to wash their mouths out, and 3) a spray of Skunk ‘Um! should do. (OK, make your own list.) But that way it won’t matter if your mayor doesn’t want them booked, jailed and charged. They likely won’t be back. For one, it takes the skunk a few days to wear off. You have to smell like an Italian pimp to cut that smell.

So put your jobs on the line, and raise billy-club. Pull out the old rules of engagement from the 60s. You’ll be in charge of the streets quickly. Of course, you’ve always known that.

And instead of worrying about whether they will be out of jail in time for breakfast, make them worry about being able to eat anything other than cream of wheat thru a straw for a month.

The voters will go the way of the police.

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