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Posted by on August 2, 2020 6:43 pm
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So, it appears that the communists in the Governors’ Houses of PA and SC, have decided that a drug to save your from the Chinese virus is for the poor first. In communism, there is no middle class, and there is no hope for going up the ladder of success. In communism, there is only the rich like Xi in China, and the poor like the majority of China, to work 16 hour days to make things to sell to the world. It’s why so many have fought against communism, there is nothing like the individual freedom of making it by working hard. Communists cannot control a populace if those people have hopes and dreams. That Democrats in America are pushing such an ideology under the auspices of social justice isn’t surprising, what is surprising is how many are buying the snake oil. Pennsylvania uses ‘weighted lottery’ to distribute lifesaving Remdesivir in favor of low-income patients

“They’ve decided to do some social engineering and tilt the scales and make sure that the drug goes to people who live in low-income areas in preference to patients, maybe in the same ICU with the same medical problems, who live in a nicer neighborhood,” McCaughey told Fox News.

McCaughey says this sort of “redistributive medicine” could have serious ramifications if adopted by more states and in more areas of health care. Hospitals face drug shortages all the time, like the widely used vincristine for childhood cancer. McCaughey worries that if this sort of tipping of the scales becomes normal practice it is the middle class who will suffer.

“I don’t think we should be rationing scarce medical resources against the middle class. We’ve got to treat everybody the same. They’re starting with Remdesivir but this is only the beginning,” she said.

The rationale behind this new system is to “redress inequities that make health and safety less accessible to disadvantaged groups,” says the Pennsylvania Department of Health. “One strategy to accomplish this is to use a metric like the Area Deprivation Index to identify patients from disadvantaged communities, then give them somewhat increased chances to receive treatment in a weighted lottery,” according to their website.

So if you like your life, you can keep your life is the same snake oil Obama sold with your doctor. You worked hard, you got good health insurance, hell you can even afford to pay for the medicine out of pocket, well too damn bad, you aren’t getting it. Now, of course, name a sack of crap in politics or a Bill Gates, and they’ll get it. You, the American who played by the rules and made a good life for you and your family, are on the menu to be destroyed by the communists in training in America.

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