Hate Speech is a dishonest term and an unfair law

Protester with hate speech sign

The American Mind asks shall we overcome the hate speech movement?

All agree that decent people should not use hateful language like the n-word, right? With that point gained, it is but a short step to the next: since decent people do not speak hatefully, anti-hate speech laws only truly threaten disrespectable people. It’s no threat to nice people. The offended will determine what is and what is not hateful.

“Hate Speech” is a dishonest term and an unfair law and here’s why.

Did you catch the final sentence of that quote?

The offended will determine what is and what is not hateful.

That line defines hate speech quite nicely. To accuse somebody of hate speech is to convict them. The state of the supposed offender’s mind and intention has nothing to do with whether hate speech exists. A Hater is defined as anyone who says anything to which an offended person has strong negative emotional reactions of fear, anger, dislike, disgust, antipathy, loathing, or a sense of injury (which is to say, “hatred”).

Note the direction of the hatred. The listener hates, and this hatred convicts the speaker of hate speech. Not only that, but because the listener determines whether there is a crime, there is no possible way to defend one’s self against a charge of hate speech. Intentions have nothing to do with it. Even what you actually said has nothing to do with perceived hate speech, even if it was a misunderstanding of some sort, you are presumed guilty and have no way to defend yourself. It rests entirely on the perceptions of the offended party.

Seriously, hate speech is speech the listener hates. It has nothing to do with a hateful speaker, only a hostile or hateful listener. It is an aggressive or passive-aggressive tactic to silence speech the privileged leftist hates, and when it is passed into law in well-meaning countries it only serves to silence opinions leftists dislike. The punishment of hate speech is the victory dance of the leftist censor’s hatreds.

The crime of hate speech is fundamentally dishonest and unfair and should be struck from the law where it exists and never adopted where it doesn’t.

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