Fauci, WHO and the CDC as farce in the Theater of the Absurd

Posted by on May 24, 2020 4:54 pm
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Fauci early on with no need to worry

WHO saying no need for facemasks

Stop Being Sheep

“There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergencies program, said at a media briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday.

To the CDC flipping and flopping all over the place on whether the chinese virus lasts for hours or not at all on surfaces

CDC Jesters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just backtracked in a big way as they updated their coronavirus guidelines to say that the disease “does not spread easily” on contaminated surfaces.

It was already known that the disease was easily spread through in-person contact, but until now, the CDC swore up and down that COVID-19 could be spread through touching contaminated surfaces. However, the CDC has changed their tune, saying that “the virus spreads easily between people” but “does not spread easily in other ways.”

“It may be possible for COVID-19 to spread in other ways, but these are not thought to be the main ways the virus spreads,” the second section of the CDC’s updated guidelines reads. Prior to this change, the guidelines had said that coronavirus being spread in other ways “may be possible,”

The bottom line is that the intelligensia in the swamp aren’t very bright, they’ve been paid for decades for the mere appearance of intelligence. When one lacks common sense they cannot truly have intelligence and I believe we’ve seen that over the past 4 months of our lives. I wish the people of the USA weren’t so easily frightened by people who on any given day wouldn’t make it a block down a city street without being killed due to lack of common sense. It is unfortunate but its how we are where we are today.

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  1. vassarbushmills May 25th, 2020 at 6:32 am

    Wish you’d had a pointer and chalkboard, Jaded. And an hour and a seminar- sized class, because you’d not only be teaching science, but common sense logic, and fact checking we were supposed to have learned by 8th grade. We need revival “missionaries” like you.

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