Stop The Crap Politicians Its Time to Open America Now


I don’t know what the hell got into the psyche of this country that we allowed ourselves to lay down and be told what to do by the people most intellectually deficient to tell anyone anything, politicians. I am disgusted and I do mean disgusted at the insanity I see in this zombie apolocypse movie we’ve been asked to participate in. The day after doesn’t hold a candle to the mass hysteria being played out in real time each day. Standing on X’s at grocery stores, spit guards, wiping down the whole damn conveyor belt, terrified fear in the eyes of the cashier, its pitiful. The grocery store was more jacked for a death virus than Johns Hopkins hospital when I went last week. The neo suburban Karens have lost their shit literally. Fear is a powerful drug, more powerful than any narcotic made by big pharma. The masters of the universe and mass media are well aware of that and they’ve got you hooked. Now get your backbone repaired and get your human back on because this whole damn theater of the absurd is going to end with or without you.

Big League Politics has reported on the phenomenon of so-called “first responders” in hospitals twerking, performing coordinated dance routines, and producing social media content while on the job during the coronavirus pandemic.

While wall-to-wall propaganda constantly deifies health care professionals as committing some kind of heroic sacrifice, the scenes inside of hospitals nationwide show them bored and having no work to do as hospitals lay off employees nationwide.

With the doomsday predictions from the globalist “experts” now proven to be false, medical workers have a great deal of free time on their hands as they sit around in empty hospitals. A new crop of videos have emerged of first responders getting creative to fight the boredom with the coronavirus pandemic not living up to the hype.

Salon A La Mode, a Dallas salon, opened on Friday despite the current Dallas county ‘stay-at-home’ order. The owner was issued a fine and given a cease and desist letter by Judge Clay Jenkins.

The salon was opened in the morning at regular business hours, as she had announced she would do the prior day. The owner had security to ensure the safety and compliance of its customers.

The police and fire-rescue arrived shortly, after receiving calls, and the owner received a ticket with a fine between $50 – $2000.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy

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April 28, 2020 6:55 am

Time to after them with both barrels, Jaded. From the bottom up.